CAHSC exists to create a strong and supportive care community that’s so much more than the sum of its parts.

Our ultimate objective is to improve the care received by everyone who uses adult social care services.
We do this by providing quality training, funding opportunities and advice to support the providers of those services.

Our aims

To achieve this, CAHSC has adopted six aims:
  1. Fixated on fairness
  2. Promoting the human rights, equality, diversity and social inclusion of vulnerable adults in Cornwall and Devon.
  3. Striving for skills
  4. Helping those who deliver adult social care services in the independent, private and voluntary sectors to identify the learning, training and development needs of their workforce. Because an appropriately qualified and skilled workforce will be more stable, and therefore able to deliver better outcomes for vulnerable adults.
  5. Enabling excellence
  6. Working with training providers to identify, develop and promote, high quality, accessible, effective and affordable learning resources, which will have a positive impact on practice.
  7. Acting as your voice
  8. Influencing local, regional and national strategies which impact upon the adult social care sector. This will ensure the needs of those who work in adult social care are recognised and given appropriate priority.
  9. Funding for learning
  10. Maximising funding for learning, training and development in adult social care. Ensuring money is distributed transparently, equitably and according to the terms laid down by funding bodies. And that it results in improved outcomes for people working in and using adult care services.
  11. Creating connections
  12. Working in partnership with other services for the benefit of those who use adult social care services in Cornwall and Devon, including health services.
Sara and Dawn

Who can become a member?

Anyone who is committed to our objective and aims can join our community.

Being a member gives you access to more funding opportunities to support your workforce development and increase your skills base.

From training programmes to awards ceremonies, our events help you to grow and celebrate the amazing work you do.